Nox is delighted to welcome their newest Resident Producing Company, Connective Theatre Company

Connective Theatre Company was founded in the fall of 2018 as a collective of Chicago artists committed to creating diverse stories for the stage. The ensemble was originally comprised of 16 strangers who envisioned a space where they could meet, work, and support each others’ varying artistic goals. Through partnerships with local organizations and community outreach, CTC hopes to not only create thrilling art, but to make a tangible impact on our city and the world at large. Connective Theatre Company is committed to telling stories that connect reason and emotion, provoke critical consciousness, and facilitate a path to action. 

CTC will be joining Nox for their 2019-20 season, producing two full length productions - One Flea Spare directed by Brian Zane, running in July, and A Play for All Audiences directed by Skylar Grieco running in March. Check out their website and social media for more info about CTC and their upcoming projects!

Insta: @connectivetheatrecompany

Nox is happy to announce their newest Monthly Resident company - Presently Untitled Theatre Ecclective.

Greetings from David Dawson, Samie Jo Johnson, and Kaleb Tank! We’re queer kids from Colorado who in the coming year will build a body of audience activated work; focusing on deconstructing what theatre is and what it can do by isolating form, content, and experience.

We create, test what resonates, fail boldly, learn, and create again. At the moment we are untitled, but that will change soon.


Join us this May for our kickoff event: Queer Frat Party! A collection of poetic performances, radical art, and debaucherous dancing; all showcasing our coming year, complete with a keg. 

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