Nox Arca Theatre is excited to announce new openings for residents on two tiers - Producing Residents and Monthly Performance Residents.


Nox is seeking 1-2 Producing Residents for May 2019 to April of 2020 (with the possibility of residency renewal after the first year). Producing Residents are guaranteed 2-3 full productions between May '19 and April '20 and are expected to participate in the yearly fall Nox Arca showcase in September, in addition, Producing Residents are free to use the space as often as they like (as calendar availability allows) for rehearsals, workshops and events over the course of their time, and during those events have full run of the space and all of Nox's lighting and sound instruments. Producing Residents will be expected to pay a monthly fee in the range of $350 (this number is dependent on the number of Producing and Monthly Performance Residents) towards maintenance and upkeep of the theater, but any money made through events, fundraisers, ticket sales or merchandise sold at performances is entirely retained by the Producing Resident, and the Producing Resident will not be required to pay the usual rehearsal hour fees, one night event or weekly performances fees (Current Nox fee break downs: Rehearsal - $10/hour, Events - $100/night, Performance Week - $550/week). 

Nox is also seeking 2-3 Monthly Performance Residents. These Residents are guaranteed 15 hours of rehearsal and 1 event performance every month, for a monthly fee of $150 (the usual rate for 15 hours of rehearsal and single performance at Nox runs $250). During your monthly event, Residents are welcome to use Nox's sound and lighting instruments (lighting instruments will be in a set plot) and any money made through your events, ticket sales or merchandise sold at performances is entirely retained by the Resident.

If you're interested in applying for a Nox residency, send us an email at - let us know which tier you're interested in, and tell us a little about yourself! Nox representatives will be conducting interviews and giving space tours in March. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to reach out! 

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